Quilotoa Volcano Tour

Discover the tours you can take to the Quilotoa volcano, such as visiting its emerald green lake or exploring the surroundings of the crater. Quilotoa is located in the province of Cotopaxi, 3 hours away from the capital of Ecuador. It is known to be one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country and one of the finest lakes in the world, renowned for its emerald green color and spectacular landscapes.

Quilotoa Volcano
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Descent to the Crater Lake

Take an excursion from the viewpoint to the shore of Quilotoa Lake where you can engage in activities such as boat rides, kayaking, camping, and relish delicious local cuisine.

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Crater Surroundings Tour

Take a 360° hike around the Quilotoa volcano crater, marveling at its stunning landscapes and different viewpoints, while learning about the flora and fauna of the province.

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Quilotoa Volcano

Quilotoa is an inactive volcano located in the Cotopaxi province, standing at an altitude of 3914 meters above sea level, with a crater diameter of 9 kilometers. It is one of the volcanoes forming the Andes mountain range.

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Reasons to visit Quilotoa Crater Lake:

1.- It is one of the 15 most beautiful lakes in the world.
2.- Incredible Andean landscapes perfect for photography.
3.- Connection with nature.
4.- Experience kayaking in the caldera of a volcano.

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